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When it comes to grass or turf, not many people notice that the ones they have in their new properties are actually not real. On the other hand, many consider that the synthetic option is not viable and they should always go for the real ones. Well, when you understand how good a surface like synthetic turf is, there is no doubt you will stop considering the other option. To begin with, we want to make something clear: synthetic turf looks just like the real one, and it is even better.

St. Petersburg Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Turf

To understand why you must know all the disadvantages that come from choosing real turf as your surface:

  • Watering must be done periodically, which makes the surface not be eco-friendly.
  • You have to provide high maintenance.
  • A lot of money is spent on buying chemicals and products that can maintain the turf looking good even during winter and every season.
  • The support and impact absorption provided are great but this is as long as proper maintenance is provided.
  • Overall, it is expensive although you do not have to pay for installation.

The misconception of having turf and only because it is natural means it is eco-friendly is quite common. However, we want to delete this from your mind and start introducing in it that you spend too much water, which means you are doing quite the opposite for a surface that does not tend to provide a lot of benefits when it comes to the planet. Also, it can be enjoyable in the beginning but ends up being a great issue in the long run.

Now, how does an artificial option solve this? Well, because it is synthetic. Just imagine having the same appearance, support, and impact absorption properties but with a surface that does not require a lot of maintenance, will not make you water it every day or periodically, and you do not have to spend money on chemicals or other elements to maintain its appearance and performance. But before you make the decision to use synthetic turf because you love how this sounds—and it is natural—, you must know not all options in the market are the same and you can end up with turf that lasts only a few months and give you more problems than solutions.

How to choose your synthetic turf

More than choosing it, you have to make sure you are working with a company that uses high-quality materials for the one they offer. Not all turf is the same when it is artificial—and even when it is real—, so you have to look after the differences between each other and determine the best one depending on the quality. Usually, identifying low-quality turf is not hard. You will feel the surface or blades of the turf quite rough instead of soft and almost like it was plastic, which actually is.

A very common but poor material used for artificial turf is basic plastic and you can expect it to last 2 years at most and will not provide any of the characteristics and benefits of the artificial option you are looking for. Therefore, you cannot install it on your property even when it is quite cheap. Instead, search for turf that is made with nylon or polyethylene, or maybe both materials are used to guarantee its quality and great support + shock absorption. At St. Petersburg Safety Surfacing, we only use these two materials for our turf and you can rest assured that the installation we offer for it will complement the quality of the materials used, guaranteeing you in this way the best result in the short and long-term.

Does this mean that to choose your turf you need to choose the professionals and companies instead? Yes and no. The cost of the surface usually has included the installation since you will get it from a company, not from a supplier most of the time unless you visit a store as well where the product is offered without installation included. However, this is not something to worry about since the installation is not really what determines most of the final cost or price per sq. ft.  

But it is true that having professionals come in handy to determine what turf is of good quality and which one is not. After all, it can be a bit difficult when you are facing two options that look good between each other, but it results that one of them is better and costs the same as the other. You cannot afford to lose opportunities like this. When you choose us as your professionals to handle the project, you will have high-quality turf without a doubt.

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For what is synthetic turf used?

The grass is often used for landscaping more than safety itself. This is one you notice many properties in St. Petersburg that have this surface installed or the real one present in their patios, yards, or playgrounds. When it comes to turf, it is not actually the first or best option for landscaping, but the solid and tough surface you obtain from using it is 10 times better for sports, training, and any high-impact activity or action taking place in the space.

In other words, you get a surface that is more suitable for high impact or heavy traffic, and the best part is that you still maintain a stunning green appearance just like grass. In our company, St. Petersburg Safety Surfacing, we will make sure you are satisfied with the results and ensure the best support and shock absorption properties with the quality of our turf and the installation our experts are able to offer.

Therefore, whenever you have a need or project regarding this surface, there is no need to hesitate in contacting us and expect the best results. We work with the same nylon and polyethylene we previously mentioned and we do not plan to change the materials used unless there are better ones in terms of quality and price.