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Installing any type of surface is usually a lot of work if you consider all the preparation and time it takes to guarantee a good result. For safety surfacing, it is possible to finish the installation much faster due to the type of materials used, but it does not make the process easy nor simple. It is crucial to know how to work properly with them or a safe surface will end up being a regular one, which is the worst-case scenario in this case. Why? Because the installation of the surface is clearly to reduce harm from falls and any accidents, especially in spaces like playgrounds and parks.

Imagine if you need to install a surface of this type in a playground and it ends up being just like concrete or any tough surface, it means that when a kid falls, the harm will not be reduced thanks to the impact absorption that should be provided.

St. Petersburg Safety Surfacing-Safety Surfacing

There is a lot involved in going for a safe surface, especially when you are not aware of all the benefits and different characteristics of each one. This is why at St. Petersburg Safety Surfacing, we offer general services around this field, which means we are not able to help you with installations only but rather any other need you have:

  • Repairs.
  • Replacements.
  • Maintenance.
  • Advice and guidance.
  • Recommendations to choose a surface.

We strive to guarantee the best results and for this, you have to be well-informed before making any decision regarding the surface. We are not asking you to be a professional like us but rather listen to our team so you are able to determine what is better for you or not thanks to the knowledge we will share with you.

That being said, is it actually difficult to choose a safe surface? Shouldn’t it be quite simple when you have a design or material in mind? Yes and no. All surfaces available in this category will indeed provide you what you are looking for, but how good they are for your specific needs and project is what you should be thinking about. For example, not all of them offer the same level of shock absorption, which means that if you are looking for one that can reduce harm from falls up to 12 feet or more, you cannot choose a random one.

Instead, you have to go for an option that fits this need before anything else and we always point this out since many clients decide to choose one that fits the design they are looking for but do not provide the required support or impact absorption. Now, there are many other aspects that influence your decision and we will go over them with you to guarantee you are satisfied and happy with what you choose at the end.

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What factors influence making a decision?

Several ones and depending on the type of project you have with the surface, many more can be included. Also, not all companies follow the same parameters nor consider certain factors to be as important as others. However, in ours, we include the main ones that no one can ignore and make sure to include a few more based on your request and needs. With this in mind, we can mention a few ones below:

  • Your budget: naturally, not all surfaces are cheap nor expensive and you will have to establish a budget that can open you more options or reduce them.
  • Level of impact absorption: depending on the activities that take place in the space or accidents that could occur, you can determine the shock absorption properties required from the surface.
  • The climate or temperature changes: this can influence the surface’s longevity and durability and how well it performs over the years.
  • Your preferences in design: they are important and this is something we want you to keep in mind, but do not put it over other factors like your budget and impact absorption levels.
  • The size of the space: although every safe surface can be installed in small or large spaces, it does influence the price and quality of the result.

We highly recommend paying more attention to the temperature changes in your location and the level of impact absorption needed. Otherwise, it will be quite common to end up with a surface and result that does not satisfy your needs nor even your preferences. At St. Petersburg Safety Surfacing, we will assist you during the entire process, so there is no need to worry about how you can handle all these factors nor questions you are probably not familiar with when it comes to the surfacing.

Is it important to rely on professionals?

Nowadays, DIY projects and ideas are very frequent and common and, to be honest, we applaud them since people are able to save time and resources on many occasions. However, for safety surfacing, this is not the best idea. The quality of the final result not only lies in the materials used for the surface you choose but also in the installation conducted, which is something we mentioned in the beginning. When it comes to maintenance, repairs, and replacements, the outcome is the same if you decide to take care of it on your own: a poor result.

Of course, there are exceptions but 90% of the time, professionals are the ones who can guarantee you the desired results and a surface that will perform well and last for all the years it should without needing too much maintenance. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to rely on professionals for every need, problem, and the project you have regarding safety surfacing, and our team is quite near you to guarantee you do not struggle to find the right ones. Make sure to contact us for our general services, feel free to ask all your questions, request a quote, or ask for any other service in our company that fits your needs and ideas for this project the most.